Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blindsided by the Down Slide

I read a great blog post the other day about how the game of Chutes & Ladders is like recovery: sometimes we slide downward but never back to the same place we started at.

In the game of recovery I was blindsided by a slide today and I don't know why. I was doing so good. I thought I was doing everything right. So how did I end up on a square with a chute on it?

Now I'm left feeling sick and the food so desperately wants to come out. I don't understand why people want me to keep all this food inside. Yes I know it's wrong to binge but once the food is in there how can you ask me to keep it inside? It's too much! my body needs help dealing with it.

I've eaten so much I feel sick to my stomach and if that's not enough the thought of how much and what I ate makes me down right nauseous.


I don't know what to do. I want to recover! but I also really want to get this gross awful food out of me!


  1. Your food will come out of you. On it's own, the way that nature intends. Smile!

  2. Honey I am so happy you are starting on your path to recovery. I have struggled for so, so, long and it takes so much away from your life!
    I am here to help support, encourage and cry with you whenever and however.
    You can facebook me (!/profile.php?id=100000407560182) or email me anytime.